Cybersecurity White Papers

3. 15 AWS Misconfigurations: The Potentially Devastating Risks

Amazon Web Services (AWS), a prominent provider of cloud services, provides a wide range of tools and services to meet the varied requirements of businesses worldwide. Nevertheless, like any technology, utilizing AWS presents difficulties and potential hazards.

This whitepaper delves into the complex realm of misconfigurations in AWS. As cloud security becomes more complicated, it is not only wise but absolutely necessary to be aware of potential oversights. The consequences of misconfigurations should not be underestimated, as they range from substantial regulatory penalties to irreversible cyber attacks and harm to one’s reputation.

This comprehensive manual utilizes a dual strategy:

  • Initially, we examine the most common and harmful AWS misconfigurations that may have an impact on your surroundings.
  • After gaining this understanding, we proceed to provide proactive steps and effective methods to resolve these incorrect settings and guarantee the security of your AWS infrastructure.

Protecting Cloud Native Workloads on AWS with Aqua Security

Aqua Security allows customers of AWS to create and safeguard cloud-based applications in a secure manner. It enhances the existing security tools of AWS by providing more detailed insights and controls. Aqua enables collaboration between security and DevOps teams, ensures security in the development and deployment processes, verifies and fixes AWS infrastructure configurations, and protects applications at runtime. This includes detecting advanced malware, unauthorized modifications, and attacks on the software supply chain.