Cybersecurity White Papers

Cybersecurity White Papers

1. Adapting to Change: A Global Study on IT Decision-Makers, Workplace Evolution, and the Pursuit of Employee Contentment

Lenovo recently carried out a worldwide survey involving 6,000 individuals responsible for making IT decisions and end users. The purpose of this study was to understand how organizations are promoting efficient and meaningful work and empowering teams.

2. Solving Management Problems: Tips for IT Teams

Given that IT is involved in various aspects of a company’s operations, it is recommended to possess suitable technologies. How can IT teams efficiently address any discrepancies and obtain their required resources promptly?

3. 15 AWS Misconfigurations: The Potentially Devastating Risks

Amazon Web Services (AWS), a prominent provider of cloud services, provides a wide range of tools and services to meet the varied requirements of businesses worldwide. Nevertheless, like any technology, utilizing AWS presents difficulties and potential hazards.

4. No Title

Frost Radar™ is a platform for protecting cloud-native applications, also known as Cloud-native Application Protection Platforms (CNAPP).

CNAPPs combine different security features into one integrated platform that offers proactive protection throughout the entire DevOps process. Frost & Sullivan’s recent Frost Radar report investigates major CNAPP vendors, offering a comprehensive analysis of the field and predicting its future development.

5. Don’t Be a Victim of Software Supply Chain Attacks: What You Need to Know

The software supply chain is crucial for the digital infrastructure of your business. Whether it includes external dependencies or internal processes, each component in the chain can be a potential vulnerability for security risks.

6. Cloud Native Security Risks: Why it’s Crucial to Stay Ahead

As cloud native architectures become more prevalent, the potential for security threats also increases. It is vital to acknowledge and tackle these new risks. In order to do so, it is imperative to draw insights from both your organization’s own experiences and those of others.

7. The Role of Technology in Enhancing Performance and Efficiency in Factory Production

Automation in factory production has numerous advantages including increased productivity, improved visibility, and enhanced efficiency. Nevertheless, the key driving force behind a successful business operation is the presence of competent individuals.

8. Developing a Successful Supply Chain Strategic Roadmap: Five Factors to Consider

Having a resilient supply chain is not only about being able to withstand disruptions, but it can also improve operational efficiency and provide valuable business insights.