Cybersecurity White Papers

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Frost Radar™ is a platform for protecting cloud-native applications, also known as Cloud-native Application Protection Platforms (CNAPP).

CNAPPs combine different security features into one integrated platform that offers proactive protection throughout the entire DevOps process. Frost & Sullivan’s recent Frost Radar report investigates major CNAPP vendors, offering a comprehensive analysis of the field and predicting its future development.

Based on the report, Aqua is at the forefront of technology advancement and stands as the top-ranked company on the Innovation Index. Their leadership in this area is supported by their continuous implementation of robust security features, which include cutting-edge cloud native detection and response (CNDR) as well as software supply chain security solutions built on advanced eBPF technology.

According to Frost Radar, Aqua is considered to be one of the fastest growing vendors in the CNAPP industry because of its excellent range of products and extensive platform. The company’s dedication to cloud native solutions ensures that it will continue to be a leader in innovation.