Cybersecurity White Papers

6. Cloud Native Security Risks: Why it’s Crucial to Stay Ahead

As cloud native architectures become more prevalent, the potential for security threats also increases. It is vital to acknowledge and tackle these new risks. In order to do so, it is imperative to draw insights from both your organization’s own experiences and those of others.

Aqua Nautilus is a team that specializes in conducting security research on the cloud native stack. Their 2023 annual research report, which is based on the analysis of 700k actual attacks, offers valuable information on the evolving methods and strategies used by threat actors. The report highlights the shortcomings of current cloud protections.

In the end, these observations can assist security professionals in making quicker and more effective choices to safeguard their entire cloud-based infrastructure.

The report delves into three major areas of concern:

Recent dangers aimed at the software distribution network
The state of susceptibility to potential risks (such as vulnerabilities and misconfigurations)
Dangers that aim at workloads in runtime environments.
Findings sneak peek:

Aqua Nautilus is witnessing a significant surge of 1,400% in fileless attacks compared to the previous year.
More than 25,000 separate servers or small organizations were at risk due to improperly set up Docker Daemons, according to Nautilus.
Organizations of any scale face the possibility of misconfigurations, and even small misconfigurations can cause significant consequences.