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If you make a purchase from Temu, you run the risk of being targeted by fraudsters who may try to scam you. It is important to disregard or immediately delete certain messages in order to protect yourself.

Despite the various problems encountered with the shopping platform, Temu has gained immense popularity in Germany and successfully positioned itself in a short period of time. Consequently, customers are eager to be a part of this trending phenomenon and do not want to overlook its presence.

Regrettably, the fraudsters are equally attracted to the promising opportunities here. A prime illustration is the development of a cautionary notification by the State Criminal Police Office (LKA) of Lower Saxony, addressing the issue of counterfeit delivery notices that target Temu customers as well.

Fake Temu News: How to Spot It

If you have recently made a purchase from Temu, there is a high likelihood that you may unknowingly become a victim of phishing scams.

The LKA Lower Saxony states that the messages sent to Temu’s customers, and others, are randomly sent and have no relation to actual orders. The scammers aim to target individuals in hopes that they will be caught at a vulnerable moment.

Messages can be sent through various platforms including e-mail, SMS, and platforms like Wish or Aliexpress might appear as the supposed sender besides Temu.

To illustrate, fraudulent delivery notifications may claim that your package is currently being held in a warehouse. As a result, you will be directed to track your package and then asked to provide your login credentials or payment details.

is temu legit

The LKA states that there is a scam involving SMS messages related to the customs center.

Under no circumstances should you proceed with this action, or else you will fall into a trap. If you wish to monitor your deliveries, it is advisable to use Temu’s official app or website instead.

The most important characteristics of phishing messages can help you easily identify them.

  • Impersonal Address
  • Urgent call to action
  • Unofficial Sender Address
  • Link or button that redirects you
  • Protected by the SHS rule, you are immune to any fraudulent schemes or scams.

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